For U.S. Congress

Delegate Neil Parrott:
* Lower Taxes
* Safety and Security
* Common Sense

Oakland, MD

Currently serving his 10th year in Maryland House of Delegates, Neil Parrott stands for:

     • Lower Taxes
     • Safety and Security
     • Common Sense

Del. Parrott is a dedicated problem solver who will work for you! He will work to lower taxes, get manufacturing jobs back, and keep our communities safe by supporting police.

He believes this seat is winnable but we’ll have to work together to ensure your vote is heard in US Congress.

Your Voice Matters.
 Together we can create a brighter future for all Marylanders where there are more jobs, better healthcare, and safer communities.

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President Donald Trump with Neil Parrott for Congress Maryland's 6th District

Garrett County, MD

Neil Parrott for Congress Maryland District 6 2020 Senator Ted Cruz with Delegate Neil Parrott

Washington, DC

Parrott for Congress; Maryland's 6th District; Neil Parrott for US Congress

Oakland, MD

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About Neil Parrott

  • LIFELONG MARYLANDER - Born in Bethesda Naval Hospital. He lives in Hagerstown with his wife of 14 years, April, and their 3 children, Patience, Charity, and Neilson.
  • ​INVESTED IN COMMUNITY - Neil lives, works, and raises his family in District 6. He and his wife started a swim team league in Hagerstown, training over 200 swimmers. Neil is serving this third term as State Delegate.
  • PROBLEM SOLVER – Professional Engineer (P.E.) specializing in traffic engineering and served as the Deputy Director of Engineering for the City of Frederick. He also worked as a traffic engineer for the State Highway Administration in Frederick. Neil will work to widen I-270 and finish Phase 4 of the I-70 Project, the western part.
  • ​LOVES TEACHERS – His mom taught Pre-K and his wife taught math at Middletown High School.
  • ​LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER - Traffic Solutions Inc.
  • ​TERP ALUMNI - B.S., Univ. of Maryland, M.B.A., Mount St. Mary’s University.
  • ​BRINGS POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE – Neil founded and ran which revolutionized the Maryland petition process and took three controversial bills to referendum, so that the people could decide.

Safety and Security 

Government’s primary responsibility is to protect life, liberty, and property.
  • ​Neil Parrott wants to keep our families and communities safe. He will work to support Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System to ensure justice is served.
  • ​Elrich and Trone support releasing dangerous criminals into OUR communities – Neil Parrott believes that the country should work with federal authorities, not against them, when it comes to removing violent criminals from our streets.
  • Neil Parrott supports our veterans and believes that those who risk life and limb for our country should be treated with dignity. 

More Jobs

Neil Parrott Supports:
  • ​OPPORTUNITY ZONES which create jobs by lowering taxes in key communities across our district. Neil will promote business-friendly legislation to create more opportunity across America.
  • ​​BRINGING MANUFACTURING JOBS HOME – Neil will work to bring jobs back from China. Manufacturing jobs like East Alco & BP Solar need to return to our District. 
  • ​​PATIENT-CENTERED HEALTHCARE – When was the last time you saw an actual doctor? Neil will work to lower costs, expand access, and ensure you have better care. 
“Decisions made in Washington, D.C., affect your family, your job, and your wallet.  I will work hard so that we can maintain the freedoms we have grown up enjoying and work with you to help pass them on to the next generation.”  ~ Delegate Neil Parrott
Parrott for Congress Family;Maryland's 6th Congressional District